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Small or Large, Exceptional By Records or Trophy Standards, or Not – Any Animal or Fish Ethically Taken Can Be a Prize to Be Proud Of…

Records of North American Big Game: 1964 Edition by the Boone and Crockett Club

Records of North American Big Game:  A Book of The Boone and Crockett Club Compiled by The Committee On Records of North American Big Game, 1964.

“The best thing about hunting and fishing,’ the Old Man said, ‘is that you don’t have to actually do it to enjoy it. You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight.” – Robert Ruark

I would also add, that pictures taken in the field can sure go a long way in that regard…


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Doubled Up On Kansas Rio’s

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    Posted By Michael Patrick McCarty

    Spring 2017

    Rocky Tschappat poses with a pair of Rio Grande Turkeys, coaxed to a call in Western Kansas and doubled down at 40 and 55 yards.

    Yes, Kansas does offer a two bird limit in some areas.

    And By the Way “The Funky Chicken” Turkey Decoy (in background photo) strikes again.


    A hunter poses with a pair of Rio Grande wild turkeys taken on a Kansas Spring Turkey Hunt. Photo Provided by Rocky Tschappat.
    Any Day of Turkey Hunting is a Good Day…Even Better Times Two. Photo by Gary Smith


    A Close-Up Photo of the Spurs Found on the Legs of a Wild Turkey
    The Leg Spurs of a Wild Turkey – A Most Formidable Weapon. Photo by Rocky Tschappat

    Five Minutes…And Done – With Wild Turkey That Is!

    Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 125-Grain/4-Inch

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    a colorado bowhunter poses with a wild turkey harvested with a recurve bow in spring of 2017
    Ray Seelbinder Poses With His 2017 Colorado Archery Tom

    April 29, 2017

    “5 weeks of scouting , 5 minutes of hunting , 5 yd shot

    3/4 spurs, 8″1/2 beard !!!

    Now maybe 5 beers !” – Ray


    Enough said, I say…

    Congratulations Ray!

    Posted By Michael Patrick McCarty

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    Coues Head Soup – Bowhunting For Arizona’s Ghostliest Deer

    Ray Seelbinder of Carbondale, Colorado has spent many years honing his bowhunting skills on the legendary Coues Whitetail, otherwise known as “the grey ghost”.

    As you can see, perseverance does pay off.

    Below is a photo of his 2017 Pope and Young buck.

    Congratulations Ray, on taking a fine specimen of one of North America’s most challenging bow and arrow trophies.

    Ray is also an accomplished bowyer. Did I mention that he carries a bow that he made himself?


    A Pope and Young Class Coues Deer Skull Boils in a Camp Pot in Preparation for A Wall Mount.
    A Proper Stew – One Part Skull, One Part Scalding Water. Ray’s 2017 Bow Kill.


    A Pope & Young Club Record Class Coues Deer Skull, next to a Custom Built Reflex Bow
    One of North America’s Greatest Trophy’s – A Record Class Coues White-Tailed Deer

    Ray’s Coues Deer Skull Next to his “Buckpoint” Custom 3 Piece Takedown , with reflex / deflex limbs.


    Three Coues Deer Skulls Side by Side for Comparison
    The Coues Bucks Get Better


    A Minnesota Bowhunter Poses with a Pope & Young Club Record Class White-tailed Deer
    Master Bowhunter Ray Seelbinder Poses With One of His Many Trophies

    “It’s tough not teaching a bow bad habits!” – Ray Seelbinder

    For More information on hunting Coues Deer Click Here

    Ray has just completed his North American Deer Slam with his Columbian Blacktail trophy. Read about it here.

    So That’s What A Trophy Weakfish Looks Like!, Or Ode To A Tiderunner

    Rapala Floating fish Gripper Scale Combo

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    Trophy weakfish are mighty hard to come buy. This nearly 17 pound weakfish was caught by Kevin McCarty in Raritan Bay in Northern, New Jersey in 2008
    Kevin McCarty of Tuckerton, New Jersey Caught This 16 pound, 12 Ounce Lunker in Raritan Bay in 2008

    My brother, Kevin McCarty, has caught a lot of weakfish in his long salt water fishing career, but no others have come even close to this monster Weakie. He tells me that he neglected to weigh it for longer than he should have, and it surely weighed over 17 pounds when it first came out of the water. Add a pound or two to this guy, and you’re starting to dance around those State and World Record numbers.

    It’s been many years since I left our home fishing waters near Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island, but I have fond memories of throwing sharp-pointed, shiny things into huge schools of boiling weakfish, pinned below a clamorous sky of wheeling and diving birds.

    The school was never there for very long, though we could always manage to hook up on a few fish before they disappeared below the chop. Most of the fish were in the 2-3 pound range, and I am quite sure that we never boated anything like my brother’s fish.

    But that was in the early 1970’s, and I understand that things have changed quite a bit since then. From what I can gather the weakfish population has suffered a serious decline since the 1990’s. The reasons for the decline are open to debate, but no matter the cause, I am sad to hear the news.

    Perhaps they may never recover their previous population counts, but there is hope. There is always hope.

    It’s great to know that those marvelous mysteries of my youth have not given it all up quite yet. And if you are very, very lucky, or good, you just might hook a tiderunner weakfish like this too!

    Congratulations Kevin!

    See an excellent article on weakfish and weak fishing here.

    Mountains Are For Rabbits Too!

    GV Snowshoes Alaskan Synthetic Snowshoes

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    A hunter poses with a bag of mountain cottontail rabbit, taken with a .22 rifle in heavy snow in northwestern Colorado
    Hard Going – But Worth It!


    What do you do when January seems more dark and blue than usual, and cabin fever threatens to ruin the day?

    Well, grab some friends (or be grabbed) and get out there and do some small game hunting, of course.

    I took this brace of mountain cottontails, and others, with a tack-driving .22 rifle in a heavy, knee-deep snow in northwestern Colorado.

    It was a whole bunch of fun, and a fine meal of rabbit is just around the corner.

    And remember, Spring will come…

    Michael Patrick McCarty


    A Table Setting with Mountain Cottontail Rabbit Ready To Be Served
    The Rabbit Awaits