Saxton Pope

Hunting with the Bow & Arrow (Paperback)

This classic original printed in 1923, tells the tale of the author and his friends who took up hunting deer with the bow and arrow in the late teen’s and went on to harvest Cougar, Black Bear, Dall Sheep, Moose, Grizzly Bear, and Kodiak Bear with their basic handmade wooden bows and arrows. Dr. Pope informs you how to make your own tackle too. This treatise directly and indirectly inspired the thousands and now millions of sportsmen to take up hunting with the bow and arrow. It is regarded as the bible of modern bowhunting. This edition is the first paperback of this title in 26 years. This important title has not been available in any form for 7 years.

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Photograph of the front cover of the Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume Two by Asbell, Baker, comstock, Hamm et. al.
The Old Way Is the Best Way


“The Real Archer when he goes afield enters a land of subtile delight. The dew glistens on the leaves, the thrush sings in the bush, the soft wind blows, and all nature welcomes him as she has the hunter since the world began. With the bow in his hand, his arrows softly rustling in the quiver, a horn at his back, and a hound at his heels, what more can a man want in life?”

“In the joy of hunting is intimately woven the love of the great outdoors. The beauty of woods, valleys, mountains, and skies feeds the soul of the sportsman where the quest of game only whets his appetite”.

“Today there is no need to battle with the beasts of prey and little necessity to kill wild animals for food; but still the hunting instinct persists. The love of the chase still thrills us and all the misty past echoes with the hunter’s call”.

– From Hunting With The Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope, 1923


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