Rites of Passage – A Boy’s First Goose

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A Vintage Still-Life Photograph Of a Canada Goose And A Remington 1100 12 Gauge Shotgun; Against The Concrete Blocks Of An Old Grain Silo. Circa 1971. Photo By Michael Patrick McCarty
First Goose, And a Favorite Remington 1100 Shotgun, Circa 1971

There are many “firsts” in the life of a hunter. Who can forget their first BB gun, a first bow & arrow, or the satisfying heft of that first box of shotgun shells of their very own.

And then there is the game to pursue. I cut my teeth on English Sparrows and Starlings, before graduating to a cadre of overeducated pigeons in our old dairy barn.

Soon I became fairly good at thinning out our local rabbit and squirrel population, with thoughts of bobwhite on my mind.

You could say that a Canada Goose, well, that was an entirely different proposition…and the thought of actually killing a goose of my own was outside the boundaries of my young boy’s possibilities…

That all changed when…


A goose represents the rebel in all of us and because they’re wild and free, they have a certain quality that shines out and makes us wish that we were not bound to labor in life, but rather that we could drift as they do with the seasons.”Paul S. Bernsen, The North American Waterfowler, 1972


THE NORTH AMERICAN WATERFOWLER includes 45 RPM Record (Hardcover)

The Author’s experience and understanding of each hunting situation is so thoroughly expressed between the covers of this book that he does for waterfowling what Isaac Walton did for fishing with his “Complete Angler”. Whether the reader’s `interest, be that of a hunter on his own farm, a hunter on public hunting grounds, a member of a sophisticated duck club or the manager of a duck club, he will enjoy and gain knowledge from this book and certainly get more birds. Combined with the personal experiences of the Author, the reader will find the book profusely illustrated with photographs and charts that tell what clothing to wear under what circumstance, an article about ammunition and guns with illustrations which show how to lead the birds in flight, how to set out decoys, airviews of lakes and ponds showing how to build them and a discussion of the various types of blinds. Throughout the text of this book we have illustrated various items. They are presented as visual aids and are intended to be representative of the field to which they are associated. There is a chapter on retrievers written in collaboration with Bert Carlson, the star of ABC’s American Sportsman Show. To duck club members perhaps the most valuable thing in dollars and cents is the sample hunting lease. Bernsen says that this has cost him many hundreds of dollars in legal fees and many more in sad experiences before it reached its present stage of perfection. The NORTH AMERICAN WATERFOWLER goes far beyond the ordinary “how-to-do-it” type book and talks to experienced gun, decoy men who can understand the fine points to get more birds at less cost and more “down-to-the-water” enjoyment. It is information unlimited.

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