Thomas McIntyre

“What an absurd time to be a hunter. Yet has there ever been a more vital one? – From What The Hunter Knows, Sports Afield, 1995

“The most fundamental understanding of hunting’s meaning – its essence – is arrived at by a human only at such times as this – when he is mad to realize, in no uncertain terms, that in order for him to enjoy the pleasure of red meat again in this lifetime, a fairly large mammalian organism must be located, run down, put to death, and taken apart tout de suite. This is when one truly discovers what this most ancient of sports is all about, when the belly seizes the helm”. – From The Short Story “Across the Line”, Seasons of the Hunter, 1985

“The way of the hunter is, then, the way finally of passion, a passion that is every bit as old as those hills it carries us through and into our home in the game fields filled with real life”. – From The Way of the Hunter, 1988

A Journal of Wild Game, Fighting Fish, and Grand Pursuit