Charles Fergus


“We kill the game to eat it. Tasting it, we thank it. Thanking it, we remember it: how we hunted it, how it tested us, how we overcame it, how it finally fell”. – From A Rough-Shooting Dog, 1991


“I believe hunters owe it to themselves to try to understand what it is that urges them out. To fail to examine the source of the hunting instinct is to fail to experience it fully”. From The Upland Equation, 1995


“Hunting is a path, a muddy, brushy, dank, and spoor-written path along which the seeker, if his spirit be right, can truly feel the earth. If he is fortunate, he travels with a true dog and a true friend”. – From A Rough-Shooting Dog, 1991


A Journal of Wild Game, Fighting Fish, and Grand Pursuit