A Brace of Bobcats

Bobcats have always been hard game to come by, but it can be done.

They are rarely seen by the average person in their day to day activities, even though they are all around us. If you don’t believe that, just ask a bobcat hunter.

Here are a couple of cats taken while predator calling in northwestern Colorado.

The first cat responded to a mouth call at a first light morning in 1984; the second cat was taken with an electronic caller on a cold winter night a couple of years ago.

I would say that the weapon du jour has changed just a little bit over time, though perhaps the tactics are roughly the same.

Bobcats always make me wonder just what else lurks out there in the middle of the dark…watching…


a hunter poses with a bobcat taken with a rifle while predator calling in northwestern colorado
Bobcat Success


A Young Hunter Poses with a Big Male Bobcat Taken with an AR-15 while Predator Hunting at Night in Northwestern Colorado
Dark is the Best time To Take a Bobcat


Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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