Hyemeyohsts Storm


“I am a hunter…I desire to carry nothing more heavy than my bow.”

From Song of Heyoehkah, by Hyemeyohsts Storm



Song of Heyoehkah (Paperback)

In this long-awaited second novel by the best-selling author of SEVEN ARROWS, Little Wolf, a follower of the Old Way, is the sole survivor of a village massacre. As he travels, his adventures mirror an inner search along the hidden pathways of the mind and heart.
Estchimah is a female shaman. Her path to self-discovery leads through dazzling worlds of natural beauty, dream landscapes, and the borderlands where these spheres overlap.
SONG OF HEYOEKHAH is a Vision Quest, a search for meaning, harmony, and balance that returns the reader to “the time of the Medicine Ways,” “the place of imagination,” and the very heart of human nature, in a compelling, unforgettable, and magical reading experience.

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A Journal of Wild Game, Fighting Fish, and Grand Pursuit