Michael Patrick McCarty

Michael Patrick McCarty Quotes


“A Bowhunter is a Hunter Reborn – Again and Again…” 

“After forty years of hunting for elk, there is a thing or two that I can say. One of them is that I am very, very good at almost finding elk. Almost. For wherever I am standing, the elk have been there first, maybe minutes, perhaps hours, or days before me. Where they are right now is one of the great mysteries of the elk hunting world. I hope that you are much better at finding elk than I…”.

“No Sound. No Mind. No Time…A Hunter’s Mind” 

“An archer is a conflicted character. Both warrior, and poet. Magician, and pragmatist. Searching, always, for the heart of the matter. I pledge my life to the arch of the arrow. May it fly, forever true”. 

“We do not own the elk, the eagle or the fish. Left to their own devices, they will remain here long after we are gone. Yet, if we are not careful they will disappear on our watch, to die the death of a thousand cuts and little insults. Our race will leave behind only the foul memories of a petulant child. Our legacy will be defined by the actions of disrespectful tourists, scratching impetuously and carelessly atop an improbable blue ball as it hurdles and spins through the limitless universe. How can we be so unaware of the magic at our feet?”

“What was young, grows old. But the hunter’s heart never tires, no matter the state of the body. Through it all, the eyes of the ancients watch from the mists of time…”

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