A Hope for Next Year


Here’s a buck that I have watched grow up over the last few years. I can only imagine what he may look like next year – should he survive another Colorado winter and a long hunting season. The light may not be very good, but as you can see, he is a good buck by any measure.

Unfortunately, this buck roams from private land to private land and my guess is that he never steps foot in a place where you could hunt him. But then again, perhaps he does.

There is a small piece of almost inaccessible public land that borders his normal range. I think I shall hunt him there, next year. Or should I say, I will try.

A man has to look forward to something, particularly through the long interval between seasons.

But for now, it’s sure nice to see him again…

2 thoughts on “A Hope for Next Year”

  1. I have found that if you post a “no deer trespassing sign ” within the confines of this particular bucks travel route , and mention he might check out local public land areas within his range, it might work out better for all ??? Just saying…

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