Doubled Up On Kansas Rio’s

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    Posted By Michael Patrick McCarty

    Spring 2017

    Rocky Tschappat poses with a pair of Rio Grande Turkeys, coaxed to a call in Western Kansas and doubled down at 40 and 55 yards.

    Yes, Kansas does offer a two bird limit in some areas.

    And By the Way “The Funky Chicken” Turkey Decoy (in background photo) strikes again.


    A hunter poses with a pair of Rio Grande wild turkeys taken on a Kansas Spring Turkey Hunt. Photo Provided by Rocky Tschappat.
    Any Day of Turkey Hunting is a Good Day…Even Better Times Two. Photo by Gary Smith


    A Close-Up Photo of the Spurs Found on the Legs of a Wild Turkey
    The Leg Spurs of a Wild Turkey – A Most Formidable Weapon. Photo by Rocky Tschappat

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