One thought on “Elk Are A Wondrous Beast”

  1. Colorado Wild Hunts 2017 Season (Collbran, CO)
    I have these hunts still available for the 2017 Hunting Season

    6 Pronghorn

    18 Bull Elk

    6 Cow Elk

    8 Bear

    12 Turkey

    8 Ram

    3 Hog

    6 Buffalo

    8 Brown Trout Trips

    4 Bighorn

    6 Mule Deer Buck

    Also available are high fence hunts for Elk, Buffalo, Black Barbado, Corsicana Ram, & Fallow Deer.

    To schedule a hunt and checking both pricing and availability, reply to this ad and/or visit

    There are a few records both state and world available.

    These are only stalk hunts, you won’t be using a stand unless incapable of traversing terrain by foot or horseback.
    Your lodging, meals, and species tag is included in each hunt’s price.

    If you want the big boys, you gotta go where they live.

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