Let’s Go Bowhunting

A photo of the front cover of Lets Go Bowhunting by Doug Walker. He was a member of the bowhunting hall of fame, a legendary archer, one of the first regular members of the Pope and Young Club, and a friend of Fred Bear
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We have some limited copies of Let’s Go Bowhunting by Doug Walker. Doug is a member of the Bowhunter’s Hall of Fame and was one of the very first regular members of the Pope & Young Club. He was a friend of Glenn St. Charles, Howard Hill, and Fred Bear. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the history of archery and bowhunting and big game hunting in general.

Doug Walker passed away in 2011.

Cost is $34.95 (plus $4 shipping in U.S.)

Subject to availability.

*Read more about Saxton Pope and The Pope & Young Club Here

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