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Heads Up Decoy Light Weight Hands Free Portable Antelope Buck Decoy Bow Mount (Misc.)

Close the gap for a shot with Heads Up Decoy’s Antelope Buck Decoy. Aggressive posture challenges the rut-crazed dominant buck that’s willing to defend his harem and turf from an intruder. Use it for setting up a calling scenario for a partner or for hunting solo and planning an aggressive approach when closing the gap on a herd. Handheld decoy mounts to your bow or almost any solid object using Heads Up Bow Mount or Decoy Clamp (sold separately). Packable for easy storage and weighs less than a pound. Aggressive posture. Mounts to your bow or almost any solid object. Packable for easy storage. Weighs less than a pound.

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Pronghorn antelope does standing directly behind a ground blind out of site of the hunter

Anybody seen any antelope?

This photo was taken on my 2016 Colorado Pronghorn hunt. And, oh yes, I was in the blind at the time, and oh no, I never did know that they were there.

I did not take an antelope on that hunt either. But of course, no one that knows ever said that bowhunting was easy…

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