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God, Guns & Rock'N'Roll - Ted Nugent
A Hunter’s Friend


“Hunting is the Last Perfect Thing”

-Ted Nugent

One of the shorter and more subtle quotes from the champion of God, Guns, and Backstraps, not necessarily in that order.

I could not agree more. I would also add that it was probably “The First Perfect Thing” too!


It was kind of dark, another misty dusk.
And it came from the tangle down below.
I tried to remember everything he taught me so well.
I had to decide which way to go.
Was I alone, or in a hunter’s dream?
The moment of truth was here and now.
I felt his touch, I felt his guiding hand.
The buck was mine forever more.

Because of Fred Bear I will walk down those trails again.
Back where I belong.
Fred Bear, I’m glad to have you at my side, my friend.
I’ll join you in the big hunt before too long.

From The Fred Bear Song by Ted Nugent


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Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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