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We wholeheartedly believe in the open exchange of information and ideas, and we welcome lively discussion. What could be better than talking about hunting and fishing with new-found friends?

We would love to hear about some of your adventures, as well as your thoughts, tips, and advice.

Know a great area to fish for big bluegills? Might you have some advice on how to skin a catfish in a hurry, or maybe a favorite venison recipe or two? Or perhaps you would like to tell us about your latest gear review. It’s all fair game here.

Care to share? We love pictures too!

Feel free to comment on anything you find at Through A Hunter’s Eyes in the reply field at the bottom of each post. It’s a big, big outdoor world, and we’d love to see what you see too!

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Michael Patrick McCarty

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“In this quiet, peaceful time of twilight there is, in this great circle of life, an awful lot of hunting and fishing and catching and killing and dying and eating going on all around me. As the old fisherman said, ‘That’s the way with life. Sometimes you eat well; sometimes you are well-eaten.”

Paul Quinnett – From Darwin’s Bass

A Journal of Wild Game, Fighting Fish, and Grand Pursuit