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Coues Head Soup – Bowhunting For Arizona’s Ghostliest Deer

Ray Seelbinder of Carbondale, Colorado has spent many years honing his bowhunting skills on the legendary Coues Whitetail, otherwise known as “the grey ghost”.

As you can see, perseverance does pay off.

Below is a photo of his 2017 Pope and Young buck.

Congratulations Ray, on taking a fine specimen of one of North America’s most challenging bow and arrow trophies.

Ray is also an accomplished bowyer. Did I mention that he carries a bow that he made himself?


A Pope and Young Class Coues Deer Skull Boils in a Camp Pot in Preparation for A Wall Mount.
A Proper Stew – One Part Skull, One Part Scalding Water. Ray’s 2017 Bow Kill.


A Pope & Young Club Record Class Coues Deer Skull, next to a Custom Built Reflex Bow
One of North America’s Greatest Trophy’s – A Record Class Coues White-Tailed Deer

Ray’s Coues Deer Skull Next to his “Buckpoint” Custom 3 Piece Takedown , with reflex / deflex limbs.


Three Coues Deer Skulls Side by Side for Comparison
The Coues Bucks Get Better


A Minnesota Bowhunter Poses with a Pope & Young Club Record Class White-tailed Deer
Master Bowhunter Ray Seelbinder Poses With One of His Many Trophies

“It’s tough not teaching a bow bad habits!” – Ray Seelbinder

For More information on hunting Coues Deer Click Here

Ray has just completed his North American Deer Slam with his Columbian Blacktail trophy. Read about it here.

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