Peter Hathaway Capstick

“What, after the fat is boiled away, is the essence of hunting dangerous game? In a word, it is challenge in its most elemental form, the same challenge that provided the drive that brought the hairless, puny-toothed, weak, dawn-creature that became man down out of the trees to hunt meat with his rocks, clubs and pointed sticks. This daring still lives, in various degrees of mufti, under the flannel breast of the meekest shoe clerk…” From Death In the Long Grass (1977)


“The unusual aspect of the buff (Cape Buffalo) is that, of the three really big dangerous species, he has no weak spots in his natural defenses. He has the eyesight of a cheetah, the hearing of a hypersensitive elephant, and the smelling ability of a bird dog on a damp morning. In bush, he can do anything that you can, including running four times your speed through cover so dense that it would make a mole claustrophobic”.                 From Death in the Dark Continent, 1983


“The scariest sound wasn’t the cough of a lion just before it charged, or the rustle of a leopard as it leaped, but a ‘click’ when you expected a ‘BANG’.”


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